A minor change is all that’s needed

We met with Cllr Ian Nimmo-Smith (Leader of the Cambridge City Council) and Phil Doggett (Properties and Services) to discuss our problems with the current proposal. We indicated that the proposed touting zone will simply not provide enough business to make the station a viable long term prospect. We presented the figures from this site (you can view them here). We stated that if the touting zone was changed so that touts operating from La Mimosa and Scudamores were allowed to tout anywhere on Quayside then the prospect would become commercially viable.

We were told they would consider our views and get back to us, but urged us to sign up for the pontoon anyway so as not to “miss an opportunity”.

We would urge everyone considering signing up to not do so unless license terms are changed. If they don’t get enough tenants they will be forced to reconsider terms. Put simply, by applying you are sending the message that the current proposals are attractive.

Still think they are, or can’t be bothered with our detailed analysis? Let’s put this simply too. The best year Tyrells Punting Company ever had they took £250,000 in chauffeur tours. Given that figure the La Mimosa station would struggle to take £100,000 in one year. Removing the almost £40,000 in costs for the 15 boats at the station you are left with £60,000 to split between the tenants. So if there are ten licensees they make a handsome £6,000 each, and this is ignoring any other costs of business – ie assuming they have no additional staff and incur no other expenses.

Once again, we urge anyone considering applying to halt their application and contact the council indicating they don’t believe the current solution is viable.

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