Save Independent Punting

Save Independent Punting

Punts on Jesus Green

Punting. A summer (and increasingly, because of climate change) winter time activity enjoyed by many of the millions of visitors who come to Cambridge every year.

Cambridge is famous for many things, including having one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world and the river Cam runs right through the heart of some of the most famous colleges that make up Cambridge University.

Punting is big business and over the years a number of companies have been established to hire punts to tourists, whether on a self drive or guided tour basis. Some of those companies have survived and flourished, others have fallen by the wayside. In addition to these companies there have always been a number of independent punt operators plying their trade along the river.

In recent years repeated attempts have been made to stop independent punt operators from trading. These attempts have often been made by the larger established companies in their attempt to dominate the market. However now the Cambridge City Council is threatening to enact measures that would effectively spell and end to independent punt operators in all but a token capacity and allow the largest operator Scudamores Punting Company to operate without having to deal with any real competition.

The aim of this website is to ensure that this doesn't happen by raising awareness of the situation, publicising what is happening and getting information into the public domain. We want to be certain that whatever happens is done in a fair and transparent way that helps foster competition and does not put a large number of people out of work and threaten their livelihoods.

Over the course of the pages of this site you can find the history of the punting in Cambridge, leading up to the current situation. We have included an overview of the local area affected by punting, correspondence from various parties regarding what's going and details of what you can do to help.

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