Final Deadline

Independent punt operators who had failed to take up the spaces offered to them on the landing stage were given until today to complete their applications.

This was the final update on the old website. Much water has passed under the bridge since then. Some things have changed, others stay the same…

If you were involved in any of the goings on over the last decade in the punting world in Cambridge and wish to contribute to this website, please get in touch via the contact us page.

A step too far?

Because of the inclement weather most punt operators were not working for the Sunday or Monday of the bank holiday weekend.

However, at some point on the Monday it was discovered that someone had deliberately vandalised the smaller landing stage, causing damage to part of the newly renovated boardwalk and throwing the wooden steps into the river.

Access Blocked

The final bank holiday weekend until August arrived and with it one day of sunshine in true British bank holiday style. Along with the weather came the tourists and punt operators were keen to make the most of the one day they could work.

At some point the chain had been removed from the gate to the smaller landing stage adjacent to La Mimosa, restoring public access to the river at this point. However one of the punt operators working from the larger landing stage decided to lock it again. She was asked to remove the chain but refused, so a member of the public took it upon themselves to remove it and restore access. Both the chain and lock were returned to the punt operators working from the larger landing stage.

Both the owner and general manager of Scudamores punt company took great interest in the goings on and were seen on Quayside, the boardwalk and Jesus Green during the day.

Outside Assistance

During their first Saturday of operation the 3 independent punt operators working from the larger La Mimosa landing stage benefited tremendously from bookings provided by other independent punt operators.

Grand Reopening

The La Mimosa punt station was opened following the completion of the maintenance work. Due to the weather none of the 3 operators who had signed up and completed their applications worked.

At the same time, the smaller landing stage adjacent to the larger one being rented to punt operators should also have been made accessible to the public. However it was kept locked shut. There seems to be some dispute over the ownership of this smaller landing stage.

Cease and desist

A letter is sent to independent punt operators stating that as of Monday 12th May 2008 they must not use City council owned land without permission, or else!

Not very professional

Once again the Cambridge City council have shown how they really view independent punt operators. The council held its meeting with Scudamores to discuss the proposed changes to the tout zone before the weekend.

Last week they assured successful La Mimosa applicants that the tout zone would be reviewed and an answer would be provided within 1 week. They also went out of their way to assure Jamie Collinson and Tim Campbell that the City council’s decisions were not being led by Scudamores punt company.

Today, having heard nothing from the council, a couple of independent punt operators contacted City council officers directly.

Why haven’t the City council contacted independent punt operators?

Why, having gone to great lengths last week to insist that they are not being led by Scudamores punt company, have they come up with a minor alteration to the touting that is not any of the suggested solutions provided by independent punt operators but clearly heavily influenced by Scudamores?

Still Waiting

A week ago the City council told the successful applicants for the La Mimosa punt station that it would review the touting zone and provide a response within a week. Nothing has been heard from them yet… Local elections are being held today. It’s a pity that council officers can’t be voted out.