Your Time is Nearly Up

To paraphrase a telephone conversation an independent punt operator had with Phil Doggett (Consultant Senior Estates Surveyor, Property & Building Services, Cambridge City Council), when asked what independent punt operators should do about renewing their commercial licences in April it was stated that we would be shut down prior to Easter weekend 2008.

Anyone continuing to operate from the Green would get a ‘black mark’ against them that would prejudice their ability to get a space on the La Mimosa station.

Given that the La Mimosa station is still not in vacant possesion and that no alternative to Jesus Green has been offered, it would appear that far from attempting to licence and regulate independent punt operators, the council are simply attempting to shut us down in response to the constant pressure from Scudamores Punting company and their lawyers. (see the letters page for an idea of the kind of pressure they have been applying).

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