Some Good News?

Tim Campbell and another independent punt operator spoke to two PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers), who were in the area responding to an incident, in an attempt to obtain information about the current situation.

The PCSOs stated that the council would seek to obtain injunctions on the grounds of trespass. As trespass is a civil matter it would not involve the police.

Anyone trespassing would first receive a warning, followed by a summons and then potentially an injunction could be served.

They indicated that this process would take at least a couple of weeks (not the 3 days stated by Emma Wynne).

However they also said that it was their belief that the council did not wish to do this until such a time as a viable alternative is being offered.

We welcome this if it is the case and would welcome the opportunity to work with the council to make sure that any alternative is viable and not a token offer.

As yet we have still not been officially informed when enforcement will commence and it appears that the council may not have actually decided yet.

Whilst it seems the council may be being reasonable and lenient in their approach towards enforcement their communication leaves a lot to be desired.

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