The County council Highways department are in the process of doing some repair and renovation work to the boardwalk. The work was scheduled to start earlier and last for 21 days. As part of the work the La Mimosa landing stage is going to be redone prior to its opening. The current expected opening date will be around the first week in May.

The City council, in a meeting with the independent punt operators offered spaces on the La Mimosa punt station, agreed to review the touting zone. Overall the tone of the meeting was positive and the Council’s response was welcomed by those in attendance.

Following the main meeting, Tim Campbell and Jamie Collinson were asked to stay behind for a further meeting with John Cowin, Phil Doggett and Alastair Roberts. During this meeting the City council officers made reference to Freedom of Information requests that had been made to the City council and requested that they either be scaled down or withdrawn.

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