Not very professional

Once again the Cambridge City council have shown how they really view independent punt operators. The council held its meeting with Scudamores to discuss the proposed changes to the tout zone before the weekend.

Last week they assured successful La Mimosa applicants that the tout zone would be reviewed and an answer would be provided within 1 week. They also went out of their way to assure Jamie Collinson and Tim Campbell that the City council’s decisions were not being led by Scudamores punt company.

Today, having heard nothing from the council, a couple of independent punt operators contacted City council officers directly.

Why haven’t the City council contacted independent punt operators?

Why, having gone to great lengths last week to insist that they are not being led by Scudamores punt company, have they come up with a minor alteration to the touting that is not any of the suggested solutions provided by independent punt operators but clearly heavily influenced by Scudamores?

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