Clr Nimmo-Smith responds (letter to CEN)

12th March 2008

The Save Independent Punting Campaigners appear to be labouring under a number of misapprehensions (Letters, March 4).

The bylaw relating to aggressive touting was the basis of a successful prosecution in November.

Touting in the street has grown over the years as independent punters and punting establishments have vied with each other to counter the number of touts acting for the competition.

The Jesus Green river frontage will be restored to full public access as the city council enforces against unauthorised trading operations that try to set up there.

Small independent punting businesses will have the opportunity to secure a licensed base from which to operate at the landing stage adjacent to Jesus Green at La Mimosa.

Licenses to operate from this base will impose a modest limit on the total number of touts that can operate on behalf of the licensees.

Similar conditions to limit touting will be required as and when other punting establishments renew contracts for bases situated on council controlled land.

I believe these arrangements will provide a fair basis for the viability of independent punting operations, while tackling the unacceptable public annoyance and obstruction sometimes caused by touts.

Ian Nimmo-Smith
Leader of Cambridge City Council